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Irwin Group News


Oct. 1, 2019:

DM Radio Cubic Meter has been selected as one of four programs that are part of the the DOE Office of High Energy Physics Dark Matter New Initiatives program!

DM Radio Cubic Meter is a full-scale QCD axion search that will probe QCD axion dark matter over 1.5 orders of magnitude of mass. It is a Consortium of SLAC, Stanford, UC Berkeley, LBNL, MIT, UNC Chapel Hill, and Princeton university.


Graduate student opportunities

The Dark-Matter Radio (DM Radio):
A table-top dark matter experiment to search for QCD axion dark matter, axion-like particles, and hidden photons

Quantum Sensors
Measuring electromagnetic signals to better than the Standard Quantum Limit

Other Projects

Microwave Multiplexed TES arrays using SQUIDS:
Next generation superconducting readout for TES detectors

X-ray Spectroscopy:
A prototype TES spectrometer at SSRL Beamline 10-1